What we do

We do everything it takes to market a business from initial branding to the marketing planning and execution. We’ll design the business cards, create the brochures, build the web sites and script the radio spots. Whatever it takes to market your business.

Here’s a few questions clients often ask us:

Q. How much time will I have to spend working on my marketing?
A. We can do a little or a lot but we will always need some participation from you. Part of the price you pay for developing an insanely successful business is commitment.
Q. Everybody makes these promises about success—what’s the difference with you guys?
A. The only way to know the difference is to experience it. We work with the most powerful, results generating tools available.
Q. Who are you guys anyway?
A. We’re advertising professionals, having worked many years for some of the largest and most progressive advertising agencies around, including: Ogilvy and Mather, McCann Erickson, F.H.Hayhurst and others. Later, we ran our own successful agency businesses with clients like: American Express, Canadian Canners, Coleman, Oster, Panasonic, Sunbeam, TD Bank and more. Here’s what some of our clients say about us >>
Q. So what’s all this going to cost?
A. We can tell you what things cost, you can tell us what you can afford—we’ll agree on the budget before we do anything. Our smallest client spends $100/mo with us; our largest spends considerably more. That said, we are always taking on projects that vary in cost depending on the complexity. The most important thing is to set a practical budget at the outset and work to it. We don’t like surprises either!
Q. So do you guys do any creative work?
A. Sure, here’s a few samples >>
Got another question? Just ask us.